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The VCON Lightweight Block is one of our innovations. Using a special imported machine from Germany, it is created using advanced Cellular Lightweight
Concrete Technology (CLC). Air foams are mixed into the concrete to give it dispersed porosity once it hardens. This allows the block to weigh much lighter, provide insulation, reduce noise, and resist fire.
1. Light Weight
Having a density about two to three times lighter than normal concrete will reduce the sizes needed for other structural components such as beams, columns, and foundations. The reduced weight will also save on transportation costs.
2. Heat Resistance
The aerated porosity in the block plays an important role in heat resistance. It reduces the distribution of heat in the building two to three times compared to
clay bricks. This provides a comfortable building ambiance and reduces the electricity costs spent on air conditioning and heating.
3. Easy Rendering and No Fracture/ Slip Off
Given its 15- 20 percent permeability by volume, it can adequately absorb water and will not be slippery while rendering. In addition, its main mortar composition eliminates the need for any special treatment required for rendering. This composition also gives it a great bonding property and prevents any fractures after rendering.
4. Noise Absorption/ Prevention
Rendering 1 cm thickness on both sides of the VCON Block wall leads to its noise absorption/prevention property leading to a 43 decibel Sound Transmission Class Rating (STC).
5. Easy for Installation of Hanging Equipment
VCON Blocks can firmly hold the driven nails without special fixation.
6. Fire Resistance/ Endurance
Since it can resist fire for more than four hours, VCON Blocks can reduce fire spread and damages in the event of fires. Furthermore, its composition of concrete and tiny bubbles gives it added strength and endurance; comparable to that of normal solid concrete.