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Hollow-Core Slab

A hollow core slab is a precast, pre-stressed concrete with continuous voids. Using this unique slab will not only reduce building costs but will also reduce the overall weight of a structure. As an added benefit, the hollow core slabs will eliminate the need to drill the slab for electrical and mechanical runs.
Primarily used as floor or roof deck systems, hollow core slabs also have applications as wall panels, spandrel members and bridge deck units.  VCON uses a higher slump concrete system. Sides are formed either with stationary fixed forms or with forms attached to the machine with the sides being slip formed. VCON is well known for providing economical, efficient floor and roof systems. The top surface can be prepared for the installation of a floor covering by feathering the joints with latex cement, installing non-structural fill concrete.
1) Lightweight
VCON hollow- core precast concrete slab is pre-stressed with P.C. wires, commonly used as structure of building floors. VCON hollow core slabs can immediately withstand weight on them without any temporary support. Generally, the width is 1.20 meters, while the thickness and the length varies depending on the type of work and beam span.
2) Noise and Heat Resistance
Excellent fire resistance is another attribute of the hollow core slab. Depending on thickness and strand cover, ratings up to 4 hours endurance can be achieved.  Moreover, a Hollow core slab can reduce transmission of sound waves and temperature.  Hollow core slabs have excellent sound transmission characteristics associated with concrete. The Sound Transmission Class rating ranges from approximately 47 to 57 without topping and the impact insulation Class rating starts at approximately 23 for a plain slab and may be increased to over 70.

Hollow Core Wall Panel

VCON Hollow Core Wall Panel is durable with state of the art architectural design. A variety of architectural finishes are available with hollow core wall panels. VCON Wall Panel length can be extended to 12 meters, which is suitable for external wall of factories, department stores and commercial buildings.
Lightweight Hollow Core Wall Panels
VCON Wall Panel’s smooth surface is suitable for interior and exterior walls. No rendering is required for our lightweight hollow core wall panel. Moreover, the fire and noise resistance properties make our panel suitable for green building. Hollow core walls usually do not need additional treatments in order to provide adequate sound insulation.
Modular Building
With our extensive experience and proven track record in construction, design, transportation and erection with hollow core slabs and precast concrete, we can assure our clients that our design is durable and cost effective.

Hollow-Core Usage Manual

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Hollow-Core Load Tables

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