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Prestressed Concrete Pile

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VCON Pre-stressed Concrete Pile is produced by a Slip Former Machine using Zero Slump Concrete with concrete compressive strength of 450 kg/cm2 until the concrete is shaped into square pile shape.
When the concrete reaches compressive strength of 250 kg/cm2 , the pile will be cut by required sizes using concrete saw making the pile section completely flat and right-angled. With flat section and high concrete compressive strength, VCON Pre-stressed Concrete Pile can withstand an impact load more than regular cast-in-place concrete piles.
“This is a new innovation in Pre-stressed Concrete Pile production technique”
Material properties of Pre-stressed Concrete Pile Production
1 Concrete
Using concrete with Ultimate Compressive Strength no less than 450 kg/cm2 at 28 days. Moreover, Ultimate Compressive Strength of no less than 250 kg/cm2    is achieved during load transferring process using concrete cylinder size ø 6” × 12”testing method.
2 PC Wire
Low Relaxation Steel Wire diameter of 4mm, 5mm, and 7 mm and Maximum Ultimate Tensile Strength of no less than 16,000 – 17,500 kg/cm2 in accordance with TIS 95-2540
pile eng-01
  1. Safety factor depends on soil specifications and depth of pile from surface.
  2. Length of pile vary according to client specifications.
  3. * Means Pre-stressed concrete pile’s section ability to withstand weight using safety factor 4.