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Precast columns and beams

VCON is proud to offer a variety of precast column styles to suit your project’s needs. All of our concrete precast products are made at our factory in Thailand.  Precast beams and columns offer an extremely wide range of technical possibilities and have proven to be an efficient solution in accelerating any type of construction.  VCON precast columns and beams provide a flexible solution to the structural component of any construction project. Our concrete columns and beams can be used for a variety of applications ranging from parking structures to warehouse structural framework and are extremely durable compared to alternative building materials.

Architectural precast

Architectural Precast is an extremely refined concrete building product known for its structural performance, durability, economic and versatility of design.  VCON architectural precast can be produced and installed very quickly. Moreover, it can be made with any finish.  VCON architectural precast will ensure optimum product quality and appearance at a minimum installed-construction cost.
1) Architectural precast concrete panels provide proven long-term durability. It provides a façade that is exceptionally resistant to impact, corrosion, weathering, abrasion, and other ravages of time, making it virtually maintenance free and resulting in the preservation of the building’s original look.
2) An unlimited vocabulary for architects
VCON architectural precast allows design concepts to be executed in a broad range of architectural styles, shapes and sizes.

Lightweight wall panel

Lightweight concrete has been widely used in wall panels and precast concrete units in various building applications.  Some advantages of VCON lightweight wall panels include low density, low thermal conductivities, reduction of dead load, and fast building rate.
1) VCON Cellular lightweight wall panel (CLC) is a well-known low- density product that possesses a number of attractive characteristics, such as good insulation and self-flowing properties.
2) VCON Cellular lightweight wall panels are used in many applications. All VCON lightweight wall panels are made from German machines and technologies.