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V Shaped Roof

VCON V-Shaped Roof panel can be used as open channel for irrigation, suitable for both elevated and ground system. Our V shaped Roof can save energy costs and replace piping irrigation systems.
1) V Shaped Roof as alternative material
V Shaped pre-stressed concrete roof is exceptionally resistant to impact, corrosion, and weathering.  This makes it virtually maintenance free.  The weight of the V Shaped Roof is 145 kilograms per square meter, which is strong enough to replace a steel structure.  Our V Shaped Roof is widely used for factory roofs, gymnasiums, commercial buildings and shopping malls.
2) Time and costs saving
V shaped Roof is suitable for building with long-span columns.  V Shaped Roof works well with other precast components and can be used in combination with precast concrete beams.
3) With no-slump concrete technology V shaped roof is condensed, no water leakage along the overlapping edges.