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Sales Manager

Bangkok, Thailand

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Sales Manager / SAHO004

The ideal candidate for the Sales Manager position will have experience in all areas of the sales function. Sales manager direct VCON’s sales teams. Sales manager sets goals, analyze data, and develop training programs for VCON’ sales representatives.

The position’s responsibilities include oversee and co-ordinate sales procedures and review, evaluate and implement new procedures. Establish work priorities, and ensure deadlines and sales targets are met and procedures are followed. Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service. Monitor customer preferences to determine the focus of sales efforts. Analyze sales statistics. Project sales and determine the profitability of products and services. Determine discount rates or special pricing plans. Develop plans to acquire new customers or clients, through direct sales techniques, and business to business marketing visits. Assign sales territories and set sales target. Plan and coordinate training programs for sales staff.

This position will report to the General Manager.

  • A true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast paced environment.
  • A university degree or college diploma in business, civil engineering, industrial engineering, management, economics or marketing required.
  • Experience in a senior sales manager is usually required.
  • Refined verbal and written communication skills
  • 5 or more years of sales representative or management experienced in construction industry preferred



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