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Assistant Factory Manager

Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

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Assistant Factory Manager / PRSP001

Maintain VCON product quality and standards.  

Optimize operational efficiencies to support the production, stockyard and shipping of precast concrete products. 

Assist in the maintenance of manufacturing operations documents. 

Prepare daily production reports.

Review all work as it is being placed to be sure it is accurate within accepted tolerances.

Identify and oversee operational improvements necessary to deliver VCON monthly manufacturing plans. Ensure cost performance gaps are identified, action plans are developed and resources are properly allocated. 

Track operational output measures efficiency, yield loss, product quality, inventory accuracy. 

Develop team to solve day to day operational issues and reach short-and long-term performance goals

Communicate and collaborate cross-functionally to assist teams to solve manufacturing issues. 

Ensure compliance with VCON policies, contracts and procedures. 

Administer policies and procedures. You will have a regular presence on the plant floor. Coordinate production with other departments.

  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering/ civil engineering or related field. 
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in manufacturing of precast concrete is preferred. 
  • Successful completion of a major improvement project. 
  • You should possess strong skills, knowledge and experience in manufacturing, finance, accounting, project management, leadership, logical problem solving. 
  • Must have good interpersonal skills, desire to learn, ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing
  • A basic understanding of scheduling programs preferred. 
  • Demonstrated ability to read and understand civil/structural drawings. 
  • Self-starter with strong problem solving skills. 
  • Ability to work outside office hours


Assistant Factory Manager (Lum Luk Ka)

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