Design Service


Precast Concrete Design

VCON specializes in the design and review of both structural and architectural precast concrete components. Our expertise includes the engineering for structural precast components such as hollow core slabs, precast concrete beams and columns as well as the engineering for architectural precast components including glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC)


VCON has decades of experience in the precast concrete industry and maintains its expertise through active involvement in PCI Precast Prestressed Institute, USA and ACI American Concrete Institute, contributing to the state of the art in precast concrete engineering.Through valued customer relationships, exceptional service, and industry leading expertise, VCON strives to exceed customer expectations on every precast concrete project.

Design Solutions for Any Project

Our full service staff includes structural engineers and AutoCAD operators ready to meet your design needs. Their experience, knowledge, and professionalism make designing with precast prestressed concrete a great solution for any construction project.