SAVE THE PLANET WITH VCON The hollow core slabs you love also love the planet +WE CONSIDER OUR IMPACT ON PEOPLE AND PLANET IN EVERYTHING WE CREATE SAVE FORESTS AND HEAL THE CLIMATE. Reduce your climate impact and save forests. We can’t heal the climate without stopping deforestation. Hollow Core Slabs can help save millions of hectares of forests as wood temporary support is not required during installation. HOLLOW CORE PRECAST CONCRETE SYSTEM EMITS UP TO 80% LESS CARBON THAN CAST IN SITU AND PLANK SYSTEMS. VCON USES GREEN CEMENT TYPE 3TO PRODUCE HOLLOW CORE SLABS,THIS ENABLES US TO SAVE CARBON FOOTPRINTBY 0.7 TIMES COMPARE WITH CEMENT TYPE 1USED IN OTHER CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS. REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION Hollow core's ability to absorb and release heat can drastically reduce air conditioning and its CO2 output in hot climates. DID YOU KNOW? Steel use is reduced as it is prestressed before the concrete is poured, requiring less steel per square meter. Moreover,precast hollow core floors are much lighter, less concrete and steels are needed in the foundations.The number of internal load bearing walls can also be considerably reduced. sustainable construction material